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Help Prevent Dog Bites | Learn What You Can Do

Have you heard there is a National Dog Bite Prevention Week?

Yes, the American Veterinary Medical Association’s (AVMA) National Dog Bite Prevention Week in 2014 goes from the 18th of May until the 24th of May and the focus as before will be on educating people about preventing dog bites.

Well, the vast majority of these dog attacks can be greatly reduced. Who gets bitten the most? Of course children! Therefore, educating youngters needs to be the responsibility of the parents, especially if there are dogs in the family.

With 70 million dogs in the United States, there’s got to be a significant number of dog bites. Actually 4.5 – 5 million dog bites occur yearly. About 20% of these bites require a doctor’s attention. That’s 800,000 every year and half of them are youngsters. The elderly are the next most common section of the population suffering from a dog bite. Children are frequently more seriously traumatized. The responsible dog is generally known to the child. The attack usually occurs during routine daily interactivity with the dog.

So what ideas can we provide to help reduce this significant problem? Here are ten steps you can do.
Do some research and homework about different breeds


Among the most crucial things is to do some study about different breed traits and behavioral trends before picking a dog for the household. Don’t adopt or purchase a pet based upon impulse for emotional factors, feeling sorry for the animal or guilty. Don’t let somebody press a pet on you. This usually turns out badly. Particularly if this is your very first dog. Discover exactly what to try to find in a dog. Talk with a veterinarian, a reputable breeder, at least someone in the veterinary or pet care field. Iindividuals who have actually had years of experience handling and dealing with various canines. If you are not alone, the other people, specifically grownups, have to be on board completely. Do not allow children to make the choice. You have to take a look at your household circumstance and see if the dog fits (sex, breed, size, activity level, temperament, type of coat, financial dedication, etc.) into your life style.
If getting a puppy, check out the parents, at least the mother of the puppy


Temperament is a heritable characteristic. Exactly how does she react when you approach and touch her? Does she sit on when instructed? Can you get the dog to rest on her side? Choose the puppy and pick the puppy up. Exactly how does it respond? Position the puppy on its back and side? How does it respond? If it battles you, vocalizes or attempts to bite, do not get it. You will have troubles in socializing it.
You must have human interactivity with the puppy

With that specified, ensure that your young puppy is well-socialized. The capability to socialize the pet is crucial in having a excellent and loyal animal. You need to work with your dog to comply with the basic commands such as sit, remain, lie down, obey when you say no and return to you when you call. The dog has to be comfortable walking with you on a leash (ie. – walks with you in a calm way, doesn’t drag you and is at hand). The most necessary thing you can do to prevent behavioral problems and reduce the risk of your dog biting someone is proper socializing. If your dog has a loyal nature, you will considerably lower the risk of biting somebody and misbehaving. You will considerably reduce the danger of biting somebody and misbehaving if your dog has an obedient nature.

Be sure to exercise your dog daily


Exercising your dog is also crucial, particularly in certain animals. Pet dogs have energy that has to be burnt on a regular everyday basis. Relying on the dog, the workout may be long strolls or have to be more aerobic. Great routine workout also supplies psychological stimulation for the pet and will make the pet much better within the household.

Play appropriately with your pet dog


When people or the little ones play with the dog, refrain from the play fighting or tug-of-war form of games. That style of activity is over stimulating and pits the pet dog against you. Never tantalize the dog with your hands. Offering your fingers, hands or arms in the dog’s mouth is saying to the dog it is alright to bite, even if it is in a playful manner. In addition, don’t ever place your dog in a situation in which he/she feels teased or threatened.

Lead instruction is required


As already mentioned, you need to consistently make use of a leash when you walk your dog in public. You need to maintain control. You don’t have control, if your dog is dragging you along. All family members need to have correct control when walking the dog, not just one person. If you have a real problem when walking your dog, you need to find some obedience training sessions.

Don’t leave your dog outdoors by itself in the backyard


Leaving a dog outside in the fenced yard unattended can lead to issues. Digging holes and jumping the fence are common problems. If another dog is neighboring to your yard, then you can acquire some territorial and aggression problems. This could undo the job you have already done.

Timely spaying and neutering can help


Spaying and neutering are good things to do. Removing the hormonal forces can reduce some natural aggression inclinations found amongst intact pets. You really need to discuss the timing of neutering and spaying with your vet.

Get yearly health and physical exams


Routine health and physical examinations really should be performed at a minimum annually. If touched where there is discomfort, dogs in pain from osteoarthritis might potentially attack. Your animal medical practitioner can supply medication for arthritic pain.

Take time to inform and teach your kids


You must teach your children ways to act and approach with not only your own pet but other dogs they may run into. Make sure they learn not to just go up a dog and stick out their hand to touch the dog. Never go to squeeze a dog or get hold of the dog in any way. They really should never move toward a pet that is not on a leash and under an adult’s control. You should never leave a baby or small child alone with any dog, even your own.

Watch the videos below to help teach your child:


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